The Eden foot fetish position as performed by two rendered girls; one girl standing, the other attached to her back in an upside-down piggyback and her feet in the face of the standing girl

The Eden foot fetish position is one of the more challenging positions to pull off successfully. However, it can be the most rewarding. This position may be viewed as a standing version of the Guillotine that requires both the boy and girl to have a certain degree of strength. The boy needs strength to hold the girl in the position; while the girl needs strength to hold on and maintain the position.

In most cases, the boy will not be able to stand erect, and will need to be standing with a slight bend to allow the girl the opportunity to use her feet. The girl may also issue commands and taunts in this position in order to maintain her balance. For example, she can move her feet further from his face, and command the boy to bend down further to place her soles into his face to improve her balance and maintain the position.

How was the Eden foot fetish position discovered?

Again an accident, the discovery of the Eden position took Nessy by surprise. To be honest, I was not the strongest during my high school years. So, when Nessy felt me trying to stand up, she pushed her feet further into my face. To this day, I believe she helped me stand by pushing up from the couch, but she denies that. Eden resulted in a technique called the Sunday Position, which is described in the Erotic Techniques section below.

Once you experience the position yourself, we always recommend that you (or couples) come up with their own erotic techniques.

Digital Sketch #1

Another artist illustration of the Eden foot fetish position; a boy standing with the girl upside-down piggyback ride with her feet in his face
The Eden position that demonstrates the strength and skill required to be successful.

Erotic Techniques

Erotic techniques are specific actions, movements, taunts, gestures, commands, dirty talk, foot play, and more that results in orgasm in the Eden position. All erotic techniques are unique to each position, and the erotic techniques described below only apply to the Eden foot fetish position.

Femdom Erotic: Sunday Position

The Sunday Position erotic technique that Nessy came up with is when the Eden is performed on a Sunday. The boy does chores, tasks, or performs other duties around the house while in the Eden position. The girl dictates his actions by using her feet to control his face. Similar to crawling in the Guillotine position, the girl may slap the boy’s right side of his face with her sole for him to walk right; a sole smack on the left side of his face means he should walk left. Pressing her feet together hard on his face means he should walk forward. All the while, the girl reaches around his waist and starts to stroke his penis with how well he listens and follows her commands.

Setup Techniques

Setup techniques are specific movements, actions, sequences, and more that force the Eden position, or heavily suggests entrance into the position. For Eden, setup techniques can be rather difficult due to the nature of the position. However, with that being said, there are two setup techniques that can work with Eden. One being a femdom tech and the other a maledom.

Femdom Setup: Ignition

The Ignition setup technique places the girl on the boy like a piggyback. This time, however, the girl forces the boy to bend over enough that she straddles his back, rather than riding piggyback. Once the boy is horizontal with the ground, the girl rotates herself and rides reverse, getting closer to the position. The girl hooks her arms with the boy and falls forward, making the boy stand erect with her feet swinging directly into his face to complete the Eden.

Sketch #2

An artist rendition of a setup technique for the Eden position; girl standing and bent over with another girl riding her like a horse, backwards, and her feet in her face
An example of a setup technique for the Eden foot fetish position.

Femdom Setup: Guillotine Arc

The Guillotine Arc is perhaps the best and safest method to enter Eden. The Guillotine Arc is a set number of transitions that start with the Guillotine positions and end with Eden. In essence, the Arc starts with the following sequence: Guillotine –> Praying Mantis –> Eden. However, during the Guillotine transition to the Praying Mantis, alternative transitions may occur that still result in the Eden finale. For example, if the boy struggles or resists, perhaps the boy needs to be worn down to execute the Guillotine Arc. More on that is described in some of the other positions (see Sand Trap and/or Execution Sentence). The Guillotine Arc helps a couple get into the Eden position, as this position alone is difficult to start in the cold. While hard, it is certainly not impossible.

Maledom: Switchblade

The Switchblade setup technique is a maledom method that makes the girl resemble a switchblade emerging from its sheath. The boy and girl face each other, and the boy forces the girl’s legs apart, spreading them. The boy bends down and moves in between her legs so that the girl is straddling his back in reverse. Next, the boy hooks his arms around the backside of her legs and stands up. This swings the girl back and swings her legs and soles up towards his face. Once the boy stands or is near standing, the position is complete with the girl in the Eden position, and her soles resting on his face.

Foot Fetish Transitions

Foot fetish transitions represent the true mastery of Project Footsutra. Transitions occur when a a couple move from one position to another. For example, when a couple transitions from the Guillotine position into the Eden position. Or, when a couple transitions from the Eden position into the Sand Trap position. Transitions should be flawless and move synchronously from position to position. Doing so significantly increases the pleasure due to the amount of control felt by the individual with a foot fetish. Feet should always be in his face, around his cock, or however else a position may dictate.

Eden <> Guillotine

The Eden foot fetish position easily transitions back into the Guillotine position. All the boy has to do is drop back down onto his hands and knees; while the girl keeps her feet in his face and locked onto his back.

Eden <> Sand Trap

If the girl is able to make the boy fall backwards, the girl can enter the Sand Trap foot fetish position. However, the fall should occur on a soft surface, such as a bed surface or soft couch to ensure the impact is minimal.

Eden position with sex dolls

A sex doll sitting on a bed in lingerie with her legs crossed and staring into the camera
Amiee stares into the camera, ready to Footsutra.

Do you meet any of these criteria?

  • No partner?
  • No significant other?
  • Tired of being alone?
  • Sick of masturbating?


Founder of the Footsutra smirking into the camera while lying down with her feet up in the air behind her
A founder of Project Footsutra.

“High-risk and high-reward position. Totally worth it.”


A founder of the Footsutra lying down with feet up in the air
Founder and creator of the Footsutra.

“This position is difficult to hold and may distract from pleasure. Strength is a must.”

Creator and Founder

  • Royal Throne
    The Royal Throne foot fetish position is a foreplay and handjob position. The position places the boy back down onto his hands and knees.
  • Fissure
    The Fissure foot fetish position places the girl on her stomach with her legs and feet in the air leading to a foot job.
  • Recliner
    The Recliner foot fetish position is a foreplay and hand-stroking position discovered during wrestling play.