Introduction to Foot Fetish Transitions

Understanding Transitions

This is the Transitions guide to those new to Project Footsutra. This is part one of a four-part series in the Beginners section.

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Foot fetish transitions occur when a couple moves from one position into another. For example, a couple may move from the Guillotine into the Sand Trap or Praying Mantis positions.

Transitions may, at times, be difficult to pull off. Some transitions are more difficult than others. Be sure to visit the Foot Fetish Transitions section of each position for more tips and guides on successful transitions with your favorite foot fetish positions.

The purpose of foot fetish transitions

Transitioning into and out of different foot fetish positions serves multiple different purposes. Here is a brief list, with a more detailed analysis below:

  • Control
  • Pleasure
  • Comfort

Position transitions for control

Control is perhaps the main purpose of Project Footsutra transitioning. Transitions may be performed by either the boy or girl; it does not matter which person performs the transition so long as they have a goal in mind as to why he or she wants to transition. Usually, that goal is to exert more control over their partner.

Control can be highly erotic and pleasurable when combined with swift and quick transitioning. While flawless transitioning takes time to master, the rewards are incredible once it is so. Transitions that are successful and require only a few seconds means the boy will keep worshiping and not even realize a transition is taking place.

The more control, the more power and pleasure that is perceived. A girl being in control against a boy who loves being a foot slave almost guarantees that he obeys her word. The girl has a higher success rate of being obeyed following multiple successful transitions.

Position transitions for pleasure

At times, couples may favor certain positions over others. And that is perfectly okay! Every person who has a foot fetish will be attracted to one position in particular. However, sometimes transitioning into the position that he or she loves increases the pleasure exponentially.

It is not as pleasurable to dive straight into a position that is enjoyed. Foreplay and build-up, in addition to the setup techniques, help make a position even better. If there are multiple transitions to get into a favorable position, that position will have a higher pleasure limit that if the position was entered cold without transition. The higher the pleasure, the more control and power a girl possesses (or boy, depending on who is performing the transitioning).

For example, if a boy’s favorite position is Eden, then the girl should design a sequence of transitions that ends in the Eden foot fetish position. The girl can start in the Sand Trap position and then transition into the following:

Sand Trap -> Guillotine -> Praying Mantis -> Eden

The pleasure builds with each successful transition, leading to an almost certain orgasm of the boy if an erotic technique is performed in the Eden position immediately following the successful transitions.

Position transitions for comfort

Sometimes Project Footsutra transitions are needed because of comfort, or lack thereof. A good example of this is the Sand Trap position. If the boy is significantly bigger, taller, and/or stronger than the girl, then the Sand Trap is not the best position choice; as the girl is underneath the boy.

Therefore, a girl may force a transition, or roll, to put the boy in the Guillotine. This way, the boy can easily support the girl on his back while keeping her feet in his face. The girl also does not have to be under the boy and potentially supporting his weight.

Difference in body type and size are not the only reasons to transition for comfort. At times, couples do not enjoy certain positions and would prefer different foot fetish positions. This creates a mutually occurring transition in the middle of sex to increase the comfort levels for the boy and girl. A good position example for this is the Sidewinder. A girl may struggle to achieve the position due to where her leg needs to be placed. Rather than struggle to get the position right and thus decrease mood and pleasure, a transition should occur (perhaps into the Eclipse) to keep pleasure and experience going as sex progresses.

Transition Example

Now, let us examine an example of a foot fetish position to help fully understand how they work and why they are so important.

Start position – Guillotine

Let’s say that a boy and a girl get into the Guillotine foot fetish position. You can find more information on this position by >clicking here<. The method or setup technique used to get into the Guillotine does not matter and will not affect whether or not a transition will occur. From the Guillotine, a girl generally has two different options for transition: into the Sand Trap position or the Praying Mantis position.

Exploring the Sand Trap transition option

Imagine the girl wishes to transition from the Guillotine position into the Sand Trap position. To achieve this, the girl must roll over 180 degrees so that now she is underneath of the boy, and the boy is on his back on top of her. When the girl starts to roll, she has several options on what she can do with her feet. To start the roll, maybe she removes her feet from the boy’s face to make him chase her feet into the Sand Trap. Alternatively, maybe she presses her feet into his face hard during the roll into the Sand Trap. All the while, the girl can continue to stroke the boy’s penis during the transition.

From the Sand Trap position, the girl transitions into the Sole Buster position

To achieve this transition, the girl needs to sit up, and make the boy’s shoulders press into the ground and his legs extended into the air. This is very similar to a wrestling pin or maneuver known as the muscle buster, but on the ground with feet involved and pressed onto the boy’s face.

Exploring the Praying Mantis transition option

Should the girl elect to transition into the Praying Mantis position instead, the girl needs to make the boy get up onto his knees from the all fours position. To achieve this, the girl presses her feet hard into the boy’s feet; and generally, this transition requires two hands. The girl moves forward and presses up with her legs and feet to make the boy move upward. With the momentum or her body and the force of pushing up, this creates a lift for the boy to go in the direction desired by the girl: which is up. If the boy resists, maybe the girl strokes his penis hard to make him weaker and fill him with pleasure.

From the Praying Mantis position, the girl transitions into the Eden position

This is perhaps one of the most difficult transitions to perform successfully, let alone master. Both of the creators struggled with this transition for a long time. While it is difficult to “force” a boy to stand in this position to achieve the transition, the girl can force the boy to follow her feet. Or issue an ultimatum, where the girl will not stroke the boy’s penis until he gets up onto his feet.

To summarize the example

Guillotine –> Sand Trap –> Sole Buster

Guillotine –> Praying Mantis –> Eden

Now, the girl (or boy) has the option of performing erotic techniques prior to moving to the next position. However, it is important to know that an erotic technique is most successful after a transition has occurred. in the above examples, opportune times to perform an erotic technique would be in the Sand Trap, Praying Mantis, Sole Buster, or Eden positions.

If you still have questions about foot fetish transitions, please submit the Contact form found in the menu.


Founder of the Footsutra smirking into the camera while lying down with her feet up in the air behind her
A founder of Project Footsutra

“Transition fast… And transition hard or not at all.”

— Founder

A founder of the Footsutra lying down with feet up in the air
Founder and creator of the Foosutra.

“To resist transitions (when forced) is to increase pleasure.”

— Creator and Founder

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  • Recliner
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  • Lever
    The Lever foot fetish position is a rather simple position where the girl sits on the boy’s pelvis with her feet in his mouth or covering his face.
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