The 5 Virtues of Foot Fetishism

Feet come in different styles but can be broken down into five virtues.

These five virtues are smell, type, texture, toes/nails, and cleanliness.

The first foot fetish virtue we will discuss is Smell

Smell represents one of the more important factors in foot fetishism and thus ranked first. From my experience on the study of feet, many foot fetishists around the world enjoy feet that smell bad. For example, a girl who works out or runs multiple times without showering will have some nasty smelling feet.

What attracts a foot fetishist to poor or foul smelling feet? I ask myself this question many times. Myself, personally, I only enjoy feet that are clean; or, in contrast, feet that have just gotten out of the shower.

Those are when feet are mostly clean. But, as I stated, many foot fetishists worldwide love the smell of feet. Sometimes, the smell that arouses, and not just the foot alone; regardless of that smell is nasty, rancid, or clean.

For those of you that are into particularly nasty smelling feet, I recommend that the girl wear dark socks. Particularly black socks, for most of the day as she moves around the house, goes outside, etc. Dark colors and socks trap the sweat and the smell of her feet. When the socks are finally removed, this putrid smell is released which some boys may find very arousing.

In addition, a girl could simply wear dark socks with dark shoes around the house, while she is cleaning, or even exercising to make the smell more potent.

The second foot fetish virtue is Type

There are multiple different types of feet for girls. What I mean by this is that each foot as a particular size measured on a U.S. or U.K. scale. Also, girls’ feet come in various shapes, widths, lengths, height, and more. The Type virtue appeals to which type of feet a girl has and also is proportional to body mass and actual height of the girl.

The first type of girl’s foot discussed is called the “slender” type. For example, the best type of foot a girl could have is a foot that is longer in length, skinnier in width, with long toes. This is, in my opinion, the classic foot type for girls regardless of their age and how they grow or develop. This type is without a doubt the best due to the ease of the girl slipping her feet into the mouth of the boy.

Also, the boy receives greater satisfaction should he lick from the heel of the girl’s foot all the way to her toes and then shoves his mouth down the length of her foot as far down as his mouth will go.

Another type of girl’s foot discussed is called the “girth” or the feet that are long in width but shorter in length. This type of foot, in my opinion, is not erotic and attractive when on a girl.

However, most foot fetishists do not care what the type or style of foot is so long as it is a foot that is attached to a girl. For most foot fetishists, that is enough.

For others, such as myself, the type and style of foot matters. If I see a girl with feet short in length, wide in width, with small and chubby toes, that is not a foot I will have anywhere near my mouth. Such is not a turn on. However, most boys in such a case will not care as long as it is a foot that they can suck.

The third foot fetish virtue is Texture

The third virtue of foot fetishism is the texture of feet. The texture of feet also represents an important virtue. There are essentially number of textures, but the three most common textures: smooth, wrinkled, or dry.

Let’s start with smooth textures (this is perhaps my favorite texture). A foot (or feet) with a smooth texture implies no dryness and does not naturally wrinkle unless forced.

In other words, a smooth foot will remain smooth if dangling and hanging in the air. Any girl’s foot will naturally wrinkle or crease if the girl flexes, extends, or clenches her toes. The smooth texture applies to default, without the girl moving, motioning, or bending her foot in any way.

If her soles are smooth, without wrinkles, chapped skin, or dryness, the girl has a smooth textured foot. This means that if a boy runs his tongue over her smooth texture, he feels no bumps, no grooves, no wrinkles, and only smooth, bare skin.

The second texture is wrinkled. Some girl feet are wrinkled by default, even when the foot dangles in the air. A wrinkled foot has changes in elevation, sort of like a hillside or a mountain range with grooves scattered in between. Boys who enjoy wrinkled feet love moving their tongue inside these grooves, and licking each groove using their tongue.

The final texture is dry. Contrary to popular belief, dry is a texture, but also means that the feet may not be taken care of as well as they should be.

For example, a girl that does not care for her feet may present with dry, and at times, even cracked or peeling skin. For the most part, girls that present with dry texture only present with dryness in certain locations.

Most commonly, girls may present with dry texture on the heels of their feet and around the sides of their toes. However, this does not mean her feet are unattractive and can easily be changed with proper care and management. Furthermore, there are plenty of boys out there who would be more than happy to moisten up your feet with their tongue and mouth.

The fourth foot fetish virtue to be discussed are Toes/Nails

The fourth virtue discusses the toes and the nails. Let’s start with toes. Traditionally, toes follow a downward angle from the big toe to the pinky toe. However, there are variations in toe size and length.

For example, a girl’s second toe may be longer than the big toe. While there are different names for toe size and structure (e.g., Celtic, and others), I will not discuss each type.

However, the most common toe structure is the traditional setting in which the big toe is the biggest and longest toe, while the other toes are shorter in length going down the foot.

Some toe structures may be more erotic and pleasing than others. For example, I prefer that the second toe of the girl be longer than the big toe. Why? I have absolutely no idea. This is just the preference that I prefer, but that does not mean I do not like other types of toe structures.

Preferences are simply that, preferences. Just because a foot is not your preferred type or style does not mean there will be no arousal. The toe structure of the second toe is longer than the first generally means that the girl’s foot has a slender build and structure.

At least from my experience, I have noticed that if a girl’s second toe is longer than her big toe, her overall foot type is slender, which means that her foot is long in length, and skinnier in width.

Now, let’s move on to nails. Nails are pretty general, except for what girl’s like to do with their toenails. For those with a foot fetish, many of us enjoy toenails painted a certain color (red, for example) or your favorite color.

Furthermore, when it comes to nails, french tips are very popular in the foot fetish world. In other words, a girl who recently received a pedicure is very erotic and attractive to those with a foot fetish; however, this is not the case for all foot fetishists.

Personally, I prefer that the girl leave her toenails naturally. No color added to them, no french tips, naturally as her body created them.

The final foot fetish virtue is Cleanliness

The last virtue discussed is cleanliness. Cleanliness can take multiple different forms, and shares many of the same virtuous traits as the smell virtue discussed above. Generally, girl’s feet that are not clean typically smell bad, horrid, and even wretched at times.

Furthermore, cleanliness also applies to the visuals of the girl’s foot. For example, if a girl walks around barefoot outside, on a driveway, in the grass, on the street, etc., her feet will look visibly dirty and dark on her foot’s pads and heels. Her arch may still look clean because portions of the arch do not contact with the ground. Some boys with a foot fetish are attracted to this barefoot and dirty look.

Personally, I find it very enticing and erotic when a girl is barefoot outside, even in the house, in public, on the street, or other pavement or blacktop. Furthermore, I even like that it makes the girl’s feet dirty.

However, this may not appeal to some people. I personally do not care if feet appear dirty, I only care that they smell nice. In general, if feet are barefoot, the smell and odor, including sweat, are not trapped and gives the feet air to breathe.

In turn, this means that her feet will not smell as bad as if she had dark socks on, as described above. The opposite of dirty visual feet is clean, pristine feet. For example, a girl who has just stepped out of the shower will have the cleanest feet possible and possibly smell like the body wash or soap used. I really enjoy this, but for others with a foot fetish, they want the dirty feet along with the bad smells, to each their own.

There you have it, the five virtues of foot fetishism.