How do I find the best foot mistress in 3 easy steps?

That’s the best part. With Project Footsutra, any woman can turn into the best foot mistress. Even if the woman has no foot fetish experience, does not know how to use her feet, or knows where to start, this is where Project Footsutra comes into play. The woman can become an expert in the art of foot fetishism by studying and learning Project Footsutra positions and techniques. Not only will she learn about foot fetishism, but she may even become an expert in femdom, humiliation, and domination as well. Let’s get started.

1. The proper mindset

Project Footsutra is more than just a guide to foot fetishism. It is also a guide to dominance, humiliation, and much more. Any woman can open the positions and guides to learn how to execute erotic and setup techniques. Every time these techniques are performed in any position, the woman gains power; power over the foot fetishists of the world. Even if she has no prior experience with foot fetishism, after reading and studying the positions, she is now equipped to become the best foot mistress for any person out there. Ideally, the best foot mistress is your spouse or partner, should one exist.

2. Learn how your feet can pleasure and operate as a best foot mistress

If your girlfriend, spouse, or romantic partner has no clue what to do with her feet, then do not worry. Project Footsutra is the best guide to learn the basics, including beginner and advanced positions and techniques. Let’s face it, if you are trying to find a woman or foot mistress, and you are in a relationship, clearly, your current partner is not succeeding in foot fetish play.

Before taking this risk, try introducing Project Footsutra. Let your partner browse and learn from the two founders and how to best improve communication and sex life. If you already have a partner, then you have already completed the task of finding a best foot mistress. Now, your partner just needs to learn the ins and outs of Project Footsutra. We help make your partner the sexiest and best foot mistress you can imagine.

3. Is your woman grossed-out by feet?

Unfortunately, feet are a pretty common phobia. However, in the context of a partner who is grossed out by feet, having a foot fetish with this type of partner can be a nightmare. While we are not here to examine these relationships, there are measures that can be taken to ensure that a foot phobia does not impede sexual play; especially if a foot fetish is involved.

For starters, your partner or woman can still perform Project Footsutra positions even with a foot phobia. Most people with a foot phobia do not like even seeing his or her own feet. But there is a rather simple solution for this. Taking the Guillotine position as an example, the woman may still perform the Guillotine foot fetish position with shoes and/or socks on; and not be barefoot in the position.

Overtime, as you and your partner continue to explore and utilize Project Footsutra positions, can the girl remain her shoes and start using positions in socks. Until finally she feels comfortable enough to remove her socks and use her bare feet in the positions as Project Footsutra recommends.

Ideally, women who are scared of their feet and/or using her feet can perform Project Footsutra positions in shoes, then socks, and finally her bare feet as her comfort levels increase. Even for foot fetishists, most do not mind having to suck on a stiletto or heel while in positions. This may also improve the power of the relationship in this fashion.

Finally, some additional guidance and pointers

Build your confidence, power, and dominance with Project Footsutra. Use the above guidelines to turn your partner, or even your one-night-stand into the best foot mistress of your dreams. Start with the easy positions, then the medium positions, and finally the hard difficulty position and watch your relationship and sex life grow.

One-night-stand guidelines

Having a one-night-stand? Hired an escort? Project Footsutra helps here too. One-night-stands do not have to be quick. Use Project Footsutra positions and techniques as a quick reference guide. After all, when engaged in one-night-stands, pleasure goes both ways and is not a one-way street. If you want your side of the pleasure to be feet, show your one-night-stand Project Footsutra; and her her, at least try, to become dominant and implement the positions. Obviously, she does not have to be perfect at dominating, but at least being forced into the positions would be a good start.

Alternatively, if you want to dominant while getting your foot fetish indulged, a lot of the vanilla positions can be turned into a foot fetish. The Eclipse and Heaven’s Ladder can have feet in the face. If you are engaged in a one-night-stand, you should not be afraid to ask for exactly what you want. If that is feet, pull up your favorite Project Footsutra position, show her the reference images, and go to town.