My husband has a foot fetish… How do I keep that sexual fire strong?

Chances are you discovered your husband has a foot fetish long before you married him. Like when you were dating, engaged, or maybe when you and your husband were friends. Even if that is not the case, do not worry. Project Footsutra is the ultimate guide for everything foot fetishes from beginners to advanced sexual users. Assuming you do not want to find a new husband, here is what you need to do if your husband has a foot fetish.

Where do I start?

Learning that your husband has a foot fetish can be shocking. But it is not the worst fetish in the world. There are more gross, disturbing, and nasty fetishes out there. Also, a foot fetish is the most common fetish in the world.

First, learning that your husband has a foot fetish is your ultimate key to unlocking the best sexual experiences with him in the bedroom. It is also the key to getting what you want in the bedroom. Sexual play in a relationship is not a one-way street. If you give your husband what he wants, he will return the favor and perform what you want. All within the bedroom and confines of marriage, of course.

The bare basics of foot fetish arousal

Some husbands with foot fetishes enjoy different pleasures when it comes to feet. First, I recommend reading my article on the five virtues of foot fetishism. These virtues explore every aspect of feet that a foot fetishist might enjoy, even your husband. For your husband, you need to identify the specific turn-ons for him in each virtue. For example, maybe your husband likes feet smelling a certain way (e.g., roses, sweat, etc.). It is important to remember that while you may find his foot fetish disgusting, it is not disgusting to him. In fact, it is the opposite. Pleasurable.

Understanding foot fetish foreplay with your husband

Men who have foot fetishes universally enjoy feet in their face, soles covering their face, feet in their mouths, foot jobs, and being controlled or dominating. The dominance factor may differ, as some husbands may prefer to dominate while forcing his wife’s feet into his face. However, you need to have a conversation with your husband to know if he prefers to dominate, or if that dominance falls onto you. Regardless of the choice, Project Footsutra is here to help.

Foot fetish foreplay may involve putting your feet into his face, around his penis, or into his mouth. Also, it may involve slapping his face with your feet and shoving your feet deep into his mouth. Maybe make your husband give your foot blowjobs to humiliate him. Force your foot to go into and out of his mouth just like a penis would. Further foreplay may involve rubbing your feet on his crotch through his pants. If you are talented enough, force your feet into his pants and rub your soles on his penis.

Recommended start positions for your husband having a foot fetish

One of the most basic and beginner foot fetish position in Project Footsutra is the Guillotine (for foreplay) and the Eclipse (for intercourse).

The Guillotine is the best place to start to explore the foreplay option. This position is the best place to start after you learn what your husband enjoys about feet. After you learn everything that your husband likes with his foot fetish, there may be other foot fetish sex positions that suit your and his needs better. However, it is recommended to master only one position at a time, including the techniques in the each position, prior to attempting a new position or creating your own techniques and methods.