A man and woman lie down on their side during intercourse; the girl has her leg raised and her toes by the boy's mouth

The Sidewinder foot fetish position is a unique Project Footsutra position that allows for intercourse while sucking, licking, and worshipping feet.

Both the boy and the girl lay down on their sides. The boy lays between the girl’s legs with his penis inside of her. The girl moves her leg up and inserts her foot into the boy’s mouth while using her arm to maintain the position of her leg. Think of this position as a sideways Hydra position. It is best to look at and study the illustrations for this position closely.

Erotic Techniques

Erotic Techniques are defined as specific actions, movements, taunts, gestures, dirty talk, hand jobs, and other methods that force orgasm in the position. Generally, it is the boy with the foot fetish, and therefore the boy that is forced to orgasm when an erotic techniques is executed. However, erotic techniques may apply to any gender or identification. Use the techniques below to get started. However, we do recommend that, over time, couples create their own erotic techniques to be used in the positions. The more often the Sidewinder position is performed, the more techniques you will create.

Mutual-Dom: Overwhelming Penetration

The overwhelming penetration erotic technique is a combined technique that requires synchronizing pleasure for both the boy and girl. This technique may be hard to perform initially and takes practice to execute effectively.

This synchronicity occurs between the boy penetrating the girl sexually while the girl penetrates his mouth with her foot. There are two different currents: alternating penetration and synchronous penetration.

Alternating Penetration

Alternating penetration occurs when only one penetration occurs at a time. For example, when the girl inserts her foot into the boy’s mouth as far as she can reach, the boy will be sliding out of the girl’s vagina. And when the boy penetrates her vagina with his penis (going in), her foot exits his mouth. This process repeats until orgasm. As an alternative, the girl could always try to slap the boy’s face as a substitute for inserting her foot into his mouth.

Synchronous Penetration

Synchronous penetration occurs when the girl shoves her foot into the boy’s mouth at the same time, he shoves his penis inside of her. Therefore, when she shoves her foot in, the boy shoves his penis into her vagina. Conversely, when the girl pulls her foot out, and boy slides his penis out. This process repeats and speed can be controlled by either the boy or the girl. If the girl suddenly starts pulling her foot out of the boy’s mouth much more slowly, then the boy should do the same with his penis.

Sketch #1

An artist's drawing of the Sidewinder position with a girl shoving her foot into the boy's mouth while they are lying on their sides during intercourse
An artist’s drawing of the Sidewinder position with a girl shoving her foot into the boy’s mouth while they are lying on their sides during intercourse.

Femdom Erotic: Unrelenting Gaze

The unrelenting gaze erotic technique is quite simple: maintain eye contact, and do not deviate from eye contact. When the girl shoves her foot into the boy’s face or mouth, she should maintain an intense stare into the boy. A stare that says, ‘you are mine,” and that also says, ‘I am in control’. The act alone of forcing her foot into and out of the boy’s mouth is humiliating by nature. Locking in an intense stare enhances her dominance and his humiliation.

Furthermore, the unrelenting gaze can be performed with the penetration techniques described above. Eye contact is one of the most erotic experiences a couple can have during sexual encounters. Combining this eye contact with fetish play can increase the pleasure experienced.

If the boy refuses to make eye contact with the girl, this can be for a number of reasons. However, the most common reason would be embarrassment. If the boy is having the girl’s foot forcibly shoved into and out of his mouth, embarrassment is natural. To force the boy to make eye contact, usually all it takes is a taunt or verbal command. For example, “Look at me while I shove my foot in your mouth!”

Femdom Erotic: Deadlock

The deadlock relates to the dominance and control of the boy. This technique relies partly on the flexibility of the girl. However, the majority of the Sidewinder position relies on flexibility. So this should be no surprise.

First, the girl needs to determine if she can keep her foot inside the boy’s mouth without holding her leg. If she can, this frees both of her hands. However, if she cannot, then she only uses one hand in this technique. Another option exists and she makes the boy hold her leg in the position needed to keep her foot in his mouth. This method frees both of her hands to use in this technique.

The deadlock name comes from the girl using a locking mechanism to force the boy to suck her feet harder. She continues to keep her foot in his mouth. If this is not possible due to flexibility, then she keeps her foot as close to his face as she can, preferably touching his face. Using one or both hands, she creates a lock, or deadlock, against the back of his boy’s head. Next, she presses her hands against the back of the boy’s head, which forces his lips further down her feet.

Also, she may ease and increase pleasure simultaneously, which makes the boy deep throat and suck on her foot harder. All the while, the girl uses her hips to control the penetration. The overall goal here is to make the boy give into her feet and penetration, and orgasm into her. With enough forced movement of his head, making him suck her feet back and forth and harder, and the combined vaginal penetration, should tip the boy into orgasm and the point of no return.

Setup Techniques

As described on the home page, the setup techniques are specific actions, movement, sequences, and commands that force the position. In this case, that force the Sidewinder position. The setup techniques described below force the boy into the position, heavily suggest entrance into a position, or allows the boy to force the position to worship feet (maledom). Use the techniques below to get started. But we recommend to come up with your own setup techniques as you experience the position.

Sketch #2

Another side view of the Sidewinder foot fetish position
Another side view of the Sidewinder foot fetish position

Femdom Erotic: Anaconda

The anaconda setup technique places the girl’s foot (or feet) in the boy’s face prior to vaginal penetration. To start, the girl approaches the boy and forces him onto his back. If the girl wears socks, she takes them off in front of his eyes.

Next, the girl kneels on her left knee, and swings her leg up and plants her barefoot on the boy’s face. Pending flexibility, she may stick her right foot into his mouth directly. While the boy is distracted by her foot in his mouth and/or face, the girl waits. Waits until he starts to worship the foot in his face or mouth.

With the boy bow worshipping, the girl keeps her foot in the boy’s face and mouth and moves over him. She moves her vagina over the boy’s erect penis and slips his penis inside while he sucks on her feet. Once the girl starts intercourse, she maneuvers onto her side to enter the Sidewinder foot fetish position with her foot still in his face.

Foot Fetish Transitions

Footsutra transitions occur when a couple transitions from one position into another position. Understanding transitions is important, as they can provide the highest amount of pleasure in the Footsutra due to the perception of control. For example, if a girl transitions a boy into multiple Footsutra positions quickly, he feels controlled and thus his pleasure increases exponentially. Let’s take a look at some important transitions for the Sidewinder position.

Perhaps one of the better transitions for the Sidewinder is via the transition from the Hydra. The Hydra position can easily be transitioned into the Sidewinder by the girl falling down onto her side, and forcing the boy to turn onto his side with the momentum. In the Hydra position, the girl’s foot and/or feet should already be in the boy’s face. This makes it easier when the girl falls to her side to keep her feet in his face. Furthermore, as she falls, her goal is to keep his erect penis inside of her as well.

The first transitions attempt will more than likely fail, but that is okay. Many transitions and techniques in these positions fail the first time. As they always say, practice makes perfect.

Sketch #3

A view of the girl's face during the Sidewinder position in this black-and-white drawing
A view of the girl’s face during the Sidewinder position in this black-and-white drawing.


Founder of the Footsutra smirking into the camera while lying down with her feet up in the air behind her
A founder of Project Footsutra

“Get ready for a wild wide and also a wild fuck.”

— Founder

A founder of the Footsutra lying down with feet up in the air
Founder and creator of the Footsutra.

“These erotic techniques for the Sidewinder are beyond powerful.”

— Creator and Founder

  • Royal Throne
    The Royal Throne foot fetish position is a foreplay and handjob position. The position places the boy back down onto his hands and knees.
  • Fissure
    The Fissure foot fetish position places the girl on her stomach with her legs and feet in the air leading to a foot job.
  • Recliner
    The Recliner foot fetish position is a foreplay and hand-stroking position discovered during wrestling play.