The 3 best foot worship ideas revealed and discussed

Honestly, foot fetish worship and play is more than just shoving feet into someone’s face. To be frank, that sounds kind of boring. Laying there, a woman putting her feet in your face, and then (probably) jerking it. Or maybe she starts jerking you. Either way, laying back, feet in face, stroking to orgasm will get boring after awhile. So, how do we make things more interesting? Let us examine the best foot worship ideas, methods, and techniques.

It does not take an expert to shove feet into someone’s face. Any woman on the planet can do that. Placing your soles on someone’s face and covering it is indeed the best foot worship idea. But have you ever asked yourself what comes next? Her feet are in your face… Now what? Always be thinking about what the next move it. Foot fetishism and foot worship are more than just sticking feet and soles into someone’s face.

While the best method for foot worship ideas is to learn the positions and techniques in Project Footsutra, here are three quick worship ideas to enhance your sexual experience.

1. The forced foot suck

For another best foot worship idea, the woman may hover her toes in front of the guy’s lips. While her foot hovers there, she moves her other foot around the back of the guy’s head. Maybe she teases him; rubs her toes over his hips. When he moans (and he will), she uses her foot at the back of his head to force his lips down her foot. Next, she keeps her feet against the back of his head and keeps her foot pushed, deep, into his mouth with all five of her toes in his mouth.

Enhance dominance by stating and issuing a command. While you have his head trapped between your feet, say something like, “Suck hard enough and I might release you.” Further taunts may include, “Suck on my toes like a good boy.” It is best to experiment with certain lines and dialogue to see which statements elicit the most pleasure in the guy.

2. The unexpected and surprises

Some of the best foot worship ideas are random, abrupt, and forced worship sequences that catch a guy by surprise. Similar to how sex in general works, if you know a sexual encounter will happen on Sunday at 06:00 PM with Jane Doe at her apartment, the pleasure is reduced because you know the encounter is scheduled to take place. If the act is random, unplanned, and unexpected, this heightens the pleasure experienced.

This same principle applies to foot fetishes and other fetishes in general. Unplanned foot worship is the best worship, especially when the guy does not expect it. Settings also make a difference. Make him worship your feet inside a dressing room. Make him worship feet in unlikely locations, but do not break any laws (obviously).

3. The classic footjob

Foot jobs can be hard to pull off successfully (to orgasm). Always use enough lube to ensure that it is easy to move soles up and down the length of the shaft. The more lube and less friction, the easier to stroke and rub enough to induce an orgasm.

Experiment with different positions for foot jobs. Do not always use the same position for the same foot worship technique. The best foot worship ideas use different positions and techniques to keep the sexual experience alive and well. If you use foot jobs, try using the foot jobs in different positions. Experiment with bondage (light to start). Sit on the side, piggyback him, sit on his face, and utilize the footjob. Always be changing the position up.