Allison reached out to Project Footsutra with a problem

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Allison agreed to let Project Footsutra share this story, but identifying information has been removed to protect her privacy.

Allison reached out to Project Footsutra with a problem

Allison was looking for new methods to spice up her sex life with her husband. Allison’s sex life was suffering, and she knew it. She had discovered that her husband had a foot fetish, but she had no idea what to do with this information. She reached out to Project Footsutra for assistance.

What can Allison do to make her spouse’s foot fetish more enjoyable?

Allison did not know what to do. So that is where we come in. At Project Footsutra, we helped Allison understand that there are plenty of ways she can use her feet in the bedroom to make both her and her husband feel more satisfied. Allison had never thought of herself as someone who could use her feet in new ways, or as someone who could make her spouse feel good about his foot fetish. But after reading and learning the various foot fetish positions and techniques for using feet in the bedroom, and tips for spicing up foot play with her partner, she gained the confidence to try something new – and it worked! Let’s take a look at the steps that made Allison’s journey successful.

Step one – identify spouse’s needs and desires

Everyone with a foot fetish has different kinks and turn-ons. This is where the five virtues of foot fetishism come into play. Some people like long toes versus short toes, other like wrinkled soles versus smooth soles, and others enjoy smelly feet versus clean feet. The first step for Allison was identifying her spouse’s five different virtues and how they relate to him.

Step two – identify potential positions and techniques

Piggybacking off of her spouse’s foot fetish needs and likes, Allison’s next step was to identify foot fetish positions that match her spouse’s virtues. For example, if her spouse is not into foreplay, then these positions can be skipped and they go straight into the intercourse positions. Allison was able to identify which positions she thought would give her husband the most pleasure. And she went on a journey of sexual discovery over the next couple of weeks to experiment with the following positions: Sidewinder, Eclipse, Heaven’s Ladder, and Hydra.

Step three – video and photo consultation for feedback

Allison attempted each position with techniques on her husband, but we cannot help without observing her technique. Allison was able to send some pictures privately to us at Project Footsutra of each position attempted. We provided feedback and ideas to make it better and also complimented her on techniques that she naturally possessed. Allison received her feedback, and then her photos were deleted forever after the consultation process.

Step four – achieving results

Allison said that she found it difficult at first because she didn’t know how to approach the topic with her husband. But after reading Project Footsutra’s articles and techniques, she felt confident enough to approach him. She said it was easier than she thought it would be. Now they regularly incorporate foot play into their sex life and have found that it has improved both of their quality of life.

Final thoughts

Allison’s husband was happy, Allison was happy—they were both satisfied by the results of our service.

We offer consulting and guidance for a select group of our viewers, followers, and clients of Project Footsutra. Free of charge. Getting help with your sex life should not cost anything, and we strongly adhere to that principal.