Introduction to Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques

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Understanding Erotic Techniques

This is the Erotic Techniques guide to those new to Project Footsutra. This is part three of a four-part series in the Beginners section.

Erotic Techniques are defined as specific actions, movements, taunts, gestures, dirty talk, hand jobs, and other methods that force orgasm in the position. Generally, it is the boy with the foot fetish, and therefore the boy that is forced to orgasm when an erotic technique is executed. However, erotic techniques may apply to any gender or identification.

However, while each position lists erotic techniques to use, these should be used as a guide and starter techniques. Each couple needs to create their own erotic techniques. Because, after all, the erotic techniques described in each position are methods created to help me orgasm, not you. Therefore, each couple should make their own as each couple knows what their significant other enjoys in the bedroom.

A girl uses an erotic technique

Project Footsutra was primarily created on femdom, or a girl using both setup and erotic techniques. When a girl uses an erotic technique, the girl’s primary goal is to make the boy orgasm while using the techniques. Like mentioned above, erotic techniques are unique to each Project Footsutra foot fetish position.

A boy uses an erotic technique

Also known as maledom, these erotic techniques are used by the boy to make himself orgasm. Likewise, they can be used to force orgasm in his partner, but this is not usually the purpose as the girl is not the one with the foot fetish. Certain erotic techniques occur when a boy forces a girl’s feet into his face, around his penis, or something else while thrusting or stroking himself to orgasm. While not as satisfying as femdom methods, these self-masturbatory erotic techniques still serve some purposes.

Create your own erotic techniques

All erotic techniques listed in Project Footsutra were used by the creators and founders and therefore, not made with other couples in mind. While most erotic techniques can be used by any couples, they are not always guaranteed to work since every couple and relationship is different.


Founder of the Footsutra smirking into the camera while lying down with her feet up in the air behind her
A founder of Project Footsutra

“If you are flexible… I highly recommend this.”

— Founder

A founder of the Footsutra lying down with feet up in the air
Founder and creator of the Foosutra.

“Definitely a different type of position with many possibilities to explore.”

— Creator and Founder

  • Royal Throne
    The Royal Throne foot fetish position is a foreplay and handjob position. The position places the boy back down onto his hands and knees.
  • Fissure
    The Fissure foot fetish position places the girl on her stomach with her legs and feet in the air leading to a foot job.
  • Recliner
    The Recliner foot fetish position is a foreplay and hand-stroking position discovered during wrestling play.
  • Lever
    The Lever foot fetish position is a rather simple position where the girl sits on the boy’s pelvis with her feet in his mouth or covering his face.
  • Allison reached out to Project Footsutra with a problem
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