A boy lying on his back with the girl sitting on his pelvis and her feet in his face
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    The Lever foot fetish position is a rather simple foreplay position. To begin, the boy lies down on his back (or is forced) and then the girl sits on him, near his penis. The girl then moves her feet up and into the face of the boy to begin the position.

    Position Discovery

    The Lever position was discovered during a playful wrestling match among the creators. Not much of a story to be told for this position I am afraid.

    Learning the Position

    Implementation methods help couples get into and experience the position for the first time. Usually, getting into a Project Footsutra position for the first time is funny and elicits laughter rather than pleasure. This is normal and does not mean the position will not succeed for you and your spouse. Laughter, balance issues, and positioning difficulties are all typical when learning a new position. Thus, couples should not get discouraged and should be familiar with what it takes to learn the Lever position. Often it takes couples weeks to just master one position.

    Getting Started with the Lever Position

    The best place to start for the Lever position is the boy lying down on his back. Next, the girl sits between his legs and extends her own legs until her feet reach his face. If the girl needs to adjust her position, such as scooting backwards, or up onto his pelvis in order to get her feet on his face, then she should do so. This largely differs depending on the height of the boy and girl performing the position. The girl should determine where she needs to sit in order to get her feet onto the boy’s face in a comfortable way as in the sketches.

    Next, the girl laces her fingers together with the boy, or grabs onto his wrists. The girl moves one of her feet in front of the boy’s lips. Finally, she pulls on his wrists or hands to force his lips over her toes and her foot into his mouth. Furthermore, the girl may move her second foot behind the boy’s head and use it to push the boy’s lips into her foot until her toes are in his mouth.

    The girl also needs to take note how easy it would be to transition to an intercourse position.

    Erotic Techniques

    Erotic Techniques are defined as specific actions, movements, taunts, gestures, dirty talk, hand jobs, and other methods that force orgasm in the position. Generally, it is the boy with the foot fetish, and therefore the boy that is forced to orgasm when an erotic technique is executed. However, erotic techniques may apply to any gender or identification. Use the techniques below to get started. However, we do recommend that, over time, couples create their own erotic techniques to be used in the positions. The more often the Lever position is performed, the more techniques you will create.

    Erotic Tech: Stroke the Lever

    The Stroke the Lever erotic techniques has the girl grab the boy’s penis and start stroking it. The girl has the boy’s penis gripped between her legs, while her feet and soles pound and explore the boy’s face. The girl may also force her feet into the boy’s mouth and force the boy to suck up and down the length of her toes and feet at the same rate that she strokes his cock. The sensation is quick to produce pleasure, and thus leads to orgasm if performed correctly.

    Sketch #1

    An aerial view of a boy lying on his back and a girl sitting on his pelvis with one foot in his mouth and another in his face while they lock hands.
    An aerial view of a boy lying on his back and a girl sitting on his pelvis with one foot in his mouth and another in his face while they lock hands.

    Erotic Tech: In Transit

    The In Transit erotic technique uses a transition to force an orgasm. Used in combination with the erotic tech above or not, In Transit uses transition into one of the other intercourse positions found in Project Footsutra.

    Sidewinder Transit

    The Sidewinder Transit technique has the girl fall down onto her side while getting his penis into her again to begin intercourse. Clearly, the girl’s feet still need to be in the boy’s face, or at least near his face so that her feet remain in the field of view.

    Hydra Transit

    Described further in the Transition section below, the Hydra Transit method has the girl start intercourse once the Lever has been initiated.

    Setup Techniques

    As described on the home page, the setup techniques are specific actions, movement, sequences, and commands that force the position. In this case, that force the Lever position. The setup techniques described below force the boy into the position, heavily suggest entrance into a position, or allows the boy to force the position to worship feet (maledom). Use the techniques below to get started. But we recommend coming up with your own setup techniques as you experience the position.

    Setup Tech: Pull the Lever

    The Pull the Lever setup technique has the boy and girl stand directly in front of one another. Next, the girl jumps up and wraps her legs around the boy’s waist. They can kiss, and do other vanilla-type of foreplay, but the girl’s main purpose if she is pursuing the Lever position is to get the boy down onto his back. If the boy slams the girl down on the bed, the girl flips the position, and starts the Lever. If the girl possesses the strength to get the boy down onto the ground, she then begins the position.

    Sketch #2

    A boy standing holding a girl with her legs around his waist and her ankles crossed behind him showing her feet
    A boy standing holding a girl with her legs around his waist and her ankles crossed behind him showing her feet in this setup technique.

    Setup Tech: Swing Set

    The Swing Set setup technique is a method to enter the LEver position when the girl is already on top of the boy. This setup technique takes control when the boy and girl are already fooling around in the bedroom, rolling on the bed, or something similar. If the girl straddles the boy’s chest or pelvis, the girl then swings her legs around and up so that her feet land on the boy’s face.

    Foot Fetish Transitions

    Footsutra transitions occur when a couple transitions from one position into another position. Understanding transitions is important, as they can provide the highest amount of pleasure in the Footsutra due to the perception of control. For example, if a girl transitions a boy into multiple Footsutra positions quickly, he feels controlled and thus his pleasure increases exponentially. Let’s take a look at some important transitions for the Lever position.

    The Lever foot fetish position transitions best into or out of the Hydra foot fetish position. Hydra is a sexual intercourse position, and the Lever gives the girl easy access into the position. In essence, the girl is already in the Hydra position; she just needs to remove the boy’s clothes or strip his pants down to access his penis and thus begin intercourse and the Hydra position.

    If the boy is naughty or does not deserve intercourse, the girl may cease the Hydra position and transition back into the Lever; making the boy beg to be back inside of her while her feet cover and explore his face.

    Lever position with Sex Dolls

    Do you meet any of these criteria?

    • No partner?
    • No significant other?
    • All alone?
    • Tired of masturbating?


    Founder of the Footsutra smirking into the camera while lying down with her feet up in the air behind her
    A founder of Project Footsutra

    “Technically a foreplay position, the Lever can go in many different directions.”

    — Founder

    A founder of the Footsutra lying down with feet up in the air
    Founder and creator of the Footsutra.

    “Something basic that turns into something very pleasurable.”

    — Creator and Founder

    • Royal Throne
      The Royal Throne foot fetish position is a foreplay and handjob position. The position places the boy back down onto his hands and knees.
    • Fissure
      The Fissure foot fetish position places the girl on her stomach with her legs and feet in the air leading to a foot job.
    • Recliner
      The Recliner foot fetish position is a foreplay and hand-stroking position discovered during wrestling play.