How we relate to all other kinks, practices, and vanilla sex

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Project Footsutra is not just for those with a foot fetish or for those that has a partner with a foot fetish. The basic Project Footsutra principles can still be applied to other kinks, fetishes, and even vanilla sex and normal sexual experiences. How? Well, let’s explore.

Other kinks and fetishes

Keep in mind that the main focus of Project Footsutra are:

  • Sex positions (foreplay, intercourse, etc.)
  • Setup techniques
  • Erotic techniques
  • Transitions

While a foot fetish is the most common fetish in the world, there are still an unlimited number of fetishes out there. While an argument exists for what actually counts as a fetish, that is beyond the scope of this particular article. Another common fetish is balloons, for example.

Taking balloons as another fetish, sex and foreplay positions can be created around balloons and then utilized in fantasies, masturbation, or actual sexual encounters.

Setup techniques may also be used with balloons. For example, a girl on her knees and blowing up a balloon may start a setup technique for a sex position that the couple created.

Erotic techniques also help with other fetishes. Maybe during a sex position, a girl takes two balloons and squeezes the boy’s head with them during intercourse. Perhaps this makes the boy orgasm and thus creates an erotic technique for a different fetish other than foot fetishism.

Transitions with balloons can occur, too. Maybe a couple changes the sex position by rolling over a balloon, or by the man or woman holding a balloon during the switch of sex position.

No matter the fetish, setup and erotic techniques, sex positions, and transitions can apply and totally transform the way you view sex and pleasure.

Project Footsutra v. Vanilla Sex

Outside of fetishes, vanilla sex is the most common sexual encounters between consenting human partners, regardless of gender. Vanilla sex is defined as the normal sexual engagement, positions, and encounters that couples experience in the bedroom or that two consenting human partners experience in the wild (such as a one-night-stand). Furthermore, vanilla sex consists of normal sex positions such as doggy style and missionary positions, to name a couple.

Using the doggy style and missionary positions as examples for vanilla sex, Project Footsutra ideology applies to these as well. Couples may create setup techniques for each vanilla sex position and use said techniques to make the sex more enjoyable. The same applies to erotic techniques. Many, if not all, couples around the world practice these techniques unknowingly. For example, does a girl like the lights on as she is about to orgasm? That is an erotic technique. Does a boy like to be thrown on the bed and then mounted? That is a setup technique. Does a couple like to change the position to where the girl and boy alternate being on the bottom? Those are transitions. Setup techniques, erotic techniques, and transitions apply in any sexual setting, not just in foot fetishes and definitely not just in Project Footsutra.

Final thoughts on vanilla sex

Make a list of everything you and your partner enjoy in the bedroom and organize it by type. Does the like have something to do with getting into a position? Then that is a setup technique and can be used to create a setup technique specific to that like.

Does something on the list have to do with pleasure and orgasm? Then that item can be used in an erotic technique to help induce orgasm.

Does something on the list have to do with movement and posture? Then said item can be used to help transition from one vanilla sex position into another.

Everything is pleasure. Everything is about setup. And everything is about positioning and movement. Master these and master your sex life. Comment with any questions and receive answers!