The Recliner foot fetish position where the boy has his legs straddled around the girl's waist, but is lying all the way back; the girl has her legs extended so her feet are on the boy's face


The Recliner foot fetish position is a foreplay and hand-stroking position that was created by the Footsutra founders. This position places both the boy and girl on the ground. The girl sits with the boy’s legs wrapped around her waist and his upper body leaning all the way back to the ground. The girl then moves her legs and plants her feet into the boy’s face and keeps them there while holding his hands romantically or forcefully.

Position Discovery

This position was discovered during a wrestling match between the founders of Project Footsutra.

Learning the Position

Implementation methods help couples get into and experience the position for the first time. Usually, getting into a Project Footsutra position for the first time is funny and elicits laughter rather than pleasure. This is normal and does not mean the position will not succeed for you and your spouse. Laughter, balance issues, and positioning difficulties are all typical when learning a new position. Thus, couples should not get discouraged and should be familiar with what it takes to learn the Recliner position. Often it takes couples weeks to just master one position.

Getting started with the Recliner Position

While this is not required, the best place to start with this position is to test the strength and weight limitations of the girl. This plays a role in a setup technique described below. The typical position is a girl with her legs wrapped around the boy’s waist while he holds her. However, the opposite needs to be tested to see if the girl is able to hold the boy while his legs are wrapped around the girl.

If the above is not possible due to strength and/or height differences, the girl needs to sit down. Next, the boy gets into her laps and extends a leg on each side of her. For a playful introduction to the position, the girl pushes him until his upper body is on the ground. The girl should be determining how much effort is required to get her feet into his face or if height differences make this impossible. Furthermore, the girl needs to see if she can get her soles into his face and her toes into his mouth.

Finally, the girl needs to see what she can do with the boy’s penis that is directly in front of her. Can she move the boy up and lean down to give him oral? Simply stroke him with her feet in his face? Perhaps the girl can move the boy’s penis between her boobs and give him a boob job while he sucks on her feet. All of these need to be explored to see what the girl can and cannot do with the boy’s penis while locked in this position.

Erotic Techniques

Erotic Techniques are defined as specific actions, movements, taunts, gestures, dirty talk, hand jobs, and other methods that force orgasm in the position. Generally, it is the boy with the foot fetish, and therefore the boy that is forced to orgasm when an erotic technique is executed. However, erotic techniques may apply to any gender or identification. Use the techniques below to get started. However, we do recommend that, over time, couples create their own erotic techniques to be used in the positions. The more often the Recliner position is performed, the more techniques you will create.

Sketch #1

Another view of the Recliner foot fetish position
Here a girl performs the Recliner position with her feet in his face and access to his penis and private region.

Erotic Tech: Indian Style

The Indian Style erotic technique has the girl move her feet from the boy’s face. Instead of her feet in his face, she bends her legs like she is going to sit “Indian style,” but her feet clasp around the boy’s penis in a foot job instead. The girl then starts stroking the boy’s penis with her soles up and down the length of his shaft until he either achieves orgasm, or the position is transitioned.

Enhanced Indian Style

Depending on the girl’s flexibility, the girl has her feet wrapped around the boy’s penis. Next, the bends down and places her mouth on the tip of the boy’s penis. She can also use her hands to assist with her feet in stroking the boy’s penis while she sucks on the tip until orgasm. From our experience in creating this, the boy should not last very long. Granted, this does not make for a very long sexual encounter unless a quickie.

Erotic Tech: Sparkling Fountain

The Sparkling Fountain erotic technique is similar to another technique found in the Sand Trap foot fetish position. In this erotic technique, the girl strokes and strokes until the boy’s orgasm shoots into the air and rains down onto the two of them, creating a fountain.

Erotic Tech: Tittygeddon

This erotic technique utilizes the girl’s breasts. While in the position, the girl moves the boy’s erect penis in-between her breasts. The girl then strokes the boy’s penis with her breasts at the same time she uses her feet against his face.

Setup Techniques

As described on the home page, the setup techniques are specific actions, movement, sequences, and commands that force the position. In this case, that force the Recliner position. The setup techniques described below force the boy into the position, heavily suggest entrance into a position, or allows the boy to force the position to worship feet (maledom). Use the techniques below to get started. But we recommend coming up with your own setup techniques as you experience the position.

Setup Tech: Role Reversal

The Role Reversal setup technique is a method that reverses the roles for boy and girl. Typically, the girl is the one who jumps up and wraps her legs around the boy’s waist. However, in this setup technique, the girl wraps the boy’s legs around her waist.

To begin, the girl leans down and uses her arms to lift the boy up, so that his legs wrap around her waist. Clearly, this takes a certain amount of strength to achieve successfully. If there is a significant height, weight, and/or physique difference between the boy and girl, this setup technique should not be attempted.

Continuing, once the girl is holding the boy up with his legs around her waist, she may pause, and start kissing him, bouncing him, or something else prior to continuing the technique. Once ready, the girl slams the boy down onto his back, or simply sits down and enters the Recliner foot fetish position.

Foot Fetish Transitions

Footsutra transitions occur when a couple transitions from one position into another position. Understanding transitions is important, as they can provide the highest amount of pleasure in the Footsutra due to the perception of control. For example, if a girl transitions a boy into multiple Footsutra positions quickly, he feels controlled and thus his pleasure increases exponentially. Let’s take a look at some important transitions for the Recliner position.

The Recliner foot fetish position transitions well into the Sole Buster due to the nature of the position. To transition, the girl grabs the boy’s legs and lifts his legs up, until his legs point straight up. Next, the bends the boy’s legs until they mimic the position of the Sole Buster.

Humiliation Factors

One of the best humiliation methods in this position is how the boy is exposed. The girl has direct access to the boy’s penis that would be directly in front of her face. The following factors help increase humiliation in the boy:

  • Feet in his face or mouth (choking)
  • The Tittygeddon technique, stroking the boy’s penis with breasts
  • Making the boy orgasm into the air
  • Dirty talk and talking down to the boy

Recliner position with Sex Dolls

Do you meet any of these criteria?

  • No partner?
  • No significant other?
  • All alone?
  • Tired of masturbating?


Founder of the Footsutra smirking into the camera while lying down with her feet up in the air behind her
A founder of Project Footsutra

“Super fun position; a forced-stroking position.”

— Founder

A founder of the Footsutra lying down with feet up in the air
Founder and creator of the Footsutra.

“Sort of humiliating, as boy’s generally do not wrap their legs around the girl’s waist. Typically vice-versa.”

— Creator and Founder

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  • Recliner
    The Recliner foot fetish position is a foreplay and hand-stroking position discovered during wrestling play.