Intercourse Positions

These are the Project Footsutra positions that involve intercourse (vaginal or anal penetration).

  • Sidewinder


    The Sidewinder foot fetish position is a unique Project Footsutra position that allows for intercourse while sucking, licking, and worshipping feet. Both the boy and the girl lay down on their sides. The boy lays between the girl’s legs with his penis inside of her. The girl moves her leg up and inserts her foot […]

  • Heaven’s Ladder

    Heaven’s Ladder

    The Heaven’s Ladder is a foot fetish sex position that allows for penetration while having the girl’s feet in the boy’s face. The following describes Heaven’s Ladder Footsutra position. Heaven’s Ladder is an intercourse position designed to have feet in the face during sex and utilizes The Climb technique. Heaven’s Ladder portrays an intercourse technique […]

  • Hydra


    The Hydra foot fetish position is one of the more popular intercourse position due to potential ease of use. However, sometimes the girl may require some more flexibility to achieve successfully. Plainly, the Hydra foot fetish position places the boy on his back. Next, the girl straddles him, and inserts his penis into her vagina. […]

  • Eclipse


    The Eclipse foot fetish sex position is the first intercourse position to be discovered in Project Footsutra. The position is rather simple and easy to master. The girl lies down on her back (ideally a bed, or some other soft surface). Next, the boy gets in front of her and penetrates her. Finally, the girl […]